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Gimmemar breaks back onto the scene with her transcendent single, “Solo Eyes.”

Gimmemar delivers a neo-pop hit that’s empowering and oh-so-danceable.

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Seriously Influential: Talking anti-asian racism with Canadian hip-hop duo, Samurai Champs.

How "Entertained" addresses racism in the Prairies and across the music industry.

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Find your next favourite artist on the Serious Sounds playlist.

Just for you: new music from Canada's next biggest stars.

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Seriously Influential: Making space and enacting change with Mercedes Caxaj.

Talking the guiding principles of Global Toronto Music Conference's – equity, accessibility, and sustainability.

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Brampton’s LISE enchants audiences with oh-so-silky-n-smooth vocals on her new track.

“Temporary Love” combines raw talent and honest storytelling to make a beautiful, soulful R&B hit.

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Bekkie debuts her hypnotic dance anthem “Love Potion.”

Multifaceted Toronto singer/producer hits the music scene with her unique blending of musical genres.

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Fredericks Reginald releases "OP.2," the bonus track to his powerful EP, The Fringes.

Prophetic Toronto hip-hop artist is following in the footsteps of thought-provoking artists Noname and D...

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Seriously Influential: artist, activist, and educator Keosha Love.

How Keosha Love uses her platform and voice to support women and her Black community.

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A chat with LIVE in Montreal about coming to terms with our new normal.

Jonah Brazeau and Oliver Ross-Parent explore the shift in Montreal’s music scene.

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"Build a Ship" feels like a heartbroken(ish) journal entry.

Hailing from a farm in Canada, UK-based Elena releases a video that screams luv sucks.

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No Tourists super-collective patent a new sound: Toronto drill.

The video for “Like Lava” is a DIY art piece in powerful group dynamism.

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Serious Betty celebrates International Women's Day 2021.

Our tribute to the team of women who’ve made SB exactly what it is today.

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A recap of our favourite indie-Canadian projects dropped in February.

SB Editor, Sami Huda, reviews new music releases from Justine Tyrell, M1RZA, and Terez.

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Celebrating Black future through music.

Luminary’s online series is creating space for Black Artists to share their stories and music.

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Toronto hip-hop supergroup Stayoutlate drop "WUSSUP."

Stayoutlate and Casino Costa define chemistry and swagger on this raunchy, high-octane single.

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Oleyada’s dreamy pop track, "So Done!" is the start of a new personal era.

Quarantine was a time of intense songwriting for this indie singer-songwriter.

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The personal struggles that built Bad Child's debut album Free Trial.

Bad Child opens up about loss and challenges of self-doubt that shaped him.

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Seriously Influential: Brampton-raised rapper B1GJuice.

B1GJuice talks big on the Black Lives Matter movement and the social impact of his...

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Kadiri breaks onto to scene with his emotionally vulnerable, "Introductions."

The mysterious Toronto chanteur drops the most romantic single of the season with “Introductions.”

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Six artists from Scarborough who we want to see perform at the Halftime Show

These rising Canadian artists are destined for success, and we can’t wait to see them...

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See what's hot this month in Canadian music.

SB Editor, Sami Huda reviews new music releases from DillanPonders, LIZA, Ice Tha One Desiire...

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