Amaka Queenette’s visual EP is a renaissance piece

Fleeting, Inconsequential is a refreshingly creative project that touches on themes of love, loss and loneliness.

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Up-and-coming R&B artist Amaka Queenette successfully crosses over genres to deliver a masterful visual album directed by Kostadin Kovel of Noscht Studios. This EP is an impressive project from the 20-year-old singer-songwriter and delivers a meaningful and lasting connection for us.

The visual essay showcases a wide range of talent by this emerging Nigerian-born artist from Pickering, Ontario. Amaka comfortably holds her composure on camera as her confidence oozes on screen, blissfully drawing us into her melancholic world. It’s evident that the audio production on this project is carefully and meticulously composed, allowing Amaka’s soulful vocals to tell her story throughout the EP.

The true beauty of this project sits with the other characters who show up throughout to play vital roles in the narrative, all of which add to Amaka’s mystique. From the anonymously-whispered confessions layered over top the soundtrack, to the dancers zig-zagging their way through the set; these characters all share time and space with Amaka, making this project both personal and vulnerable.

This is a refreshing piece of creative work from a seriously talented artist, who will undoubtedly become the topic of many conversations within the Toronto music scene.

EP written by Amaka Queenette Stream
Music by Joshua Stanberry, Justice Der, Stephen Bennett and Amaka Queenette Stream
Visuals directed by Kostadin Kolev of Noscht Studios

Review by Sami Huda
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Sami Huda
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