Banggz delivers a stylistic video that’s stunningly produced.

“Who’s Gassing Who?” is a creative vision akin to a young Kendrick.

Photo by @poppaquest

When this submission dropped into the SB inbox, I was literally jaw-dropped. From the beat, to the video, and the songwriting, I was screaming!

As I watched the video over and over, all I could see was a young Kendrick in creative vision, something that’s definitely beyond emerging. I had to know more.

I spent hours digging around to learn what I could about the 22-year-old independent artist. I became even more attached to the track upon learning Banggz is from Ottawa, Ontario, my beloved hometown. Not that I’m surprised so much as I am proud, since the capital city is to thank for incredible artists like A Tribe Called Red, City Fidelia, Night Lovell, and my rising favourites NLN and Nagy Gogetta.

Directed by Quest and Banggz, the music video is masterfully done and features Banggz being effortlessly cool, surrounded by an even cooler crew. Whatever friend group this is, I want in.

Beyond the crisp and perfectly-edited visuals, I am completely enthralled by Banggz’ vocal tone. It sits right in place with Nas, Earl Sweatshirt, and A$AP Ferg. While Banggz’ sound is predominantly hip-hop inspired, he draws influence from afrobeat, jazz, and funk as well, making him an exciting rising Canadian artist.

Who’s Gassing Who?” is a hard-hitting declaration of skillfulness in artistry, and the lyrics definitely uphold that promise: “I grew taller than my opposition’s heightened fear of falling / I am not afraid of anything or anyone but college / What I major in is minor standing next to what I fathom / I shine brighter than the lights they put on screen on Jimmy Fallon.” Banggz fits a mouthful within each 8-bar, but his flow is so rhythmic it gets stuck in my head long after the song’s over.

Banggz says himself, “Who’s Gassing Who? includes attention-grabbing bars and a song structure that can justify my statement: I’m the goat.” I can’t deny it, Banggz just might be…the greatest of all time.

Directed by Quest and Banggz
Edited by Banggz
Colouring by T.Chandy and Banggz
Production company: Twelve07

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Written by Johanna Leigh D’Angelo
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