Bekkie debuts her hypnotic dance anthem “Love Potion.”

Multifaceted Toronto singer/producer hits the music scene with her unique blending of musical genres.

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Bekkie is ready to take over the scene with her brand new drop, an intoxicating dance single that’ll have you exploring undiscovered cerebral environments. Inspired by her love for Toronto’s electronic music scene, “Love Potion” fuses house and psytrance to create a track that takes on a satirical perspective about the realities of toxic love. It defines itself with a dynamic beat and a punchy bass line that immediately drives the song forward, while its adjacent melody is led by her gentle and enchanting vocals. 

Bekkie captures her listeners in a whimsical, yet juxtaposing dark song as she reflects on her past experiences of love, and the toxicity of shaping yourself to someone’s desires in order to gain their affection. 

The first half of the song incites feelings of a playful yet alluring atmosphere that seems to reflect a honeymoon phase of a relationship. Bekkie seductive vocals tease a romantic and seemingly perfect introduction of a relationship as she sings “All I want is to be loved / One drop you are in my clutch / Take a sip of my love drink.”

As the song progresses, it becomes apparent that the mood in the second half reflects a darker and more serious vibe as the beat intensifies. This new cadence emulates a quickened heartbeat, perhaps indicating anxiety and fearful feelings of being trapped in a toxic situation. Bekkie describes this toxic trait of ‘partner pleasing’ as the “love potion.” 

She reveals in a summary of her song that, “letting go of this trait allowed her to look back and approach the idea from an artistic and satirical angle.” Along with producing and performing her song, Bekkie also extends her creativity beyond that as she creates her own album art and music video.

We love what we’re hearing from this dynamic and talented artist and producer, and cannot wait to hear more dope music projects that Bekkie will serve us next!

Written, produced and performed by Bekkie

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Review by Destinie Ly
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Destinie Ly
"Making music has really helped me get through a lot of tough times growing up and even presently. It’s an escape and often a place where I can truly be myself and fully express my emotions."

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