Celebrating Black future through music.

Luminary’s Umoja Celebration series is creating space for Black Artists to share their stories, music, and opinions.

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“I wanted to create a space where we could discuss the future of Black music and art with the people who ARE the future of Black music and art” – Malaika, Founder of Luminary

Black history month is oftentimes flooded with the traumatic memories of those who came before us. Luminary is shifting the focus and taking lead in celebrating the future of Black Music, Art and Culture. As a for-artist-by-artist organization, we understand the importance of amplifying the voices of artists in their community. 

Luminary’s UMOJA celebration is a month-long virtual event that features Black music professionals from various parts of the music industry. At the end of the series, all of the artists will be brought together to discuss the importance and impact of Black art in today’s industry and society. 

Kyn Rose interview with Malaika KhadijaKyn Rose interview with Malaika Khadija

Kyn Rose interview with Malaika Khadija

This celebration series features seven Toronto-based artists specifically curated to represent the diverse identities of the Black experience including:

Each artist will be interviewed one on one with a Luminary team member and showcase a performance of an original song.

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In a panel discussion moderated by Luminary team members Malaika and Hannah, guests will discuss what they want to see more of for Black artists in today’s industry, being boxed into RnB and HipHop genres, the importance of building our communities and finding creative energy through a year full of Black death and trauma. 

In a society where we are constantly fed idealized versions of what life should be, it is important to hear the real stories of real people in our current music industry. The future of Canadian Black Music depends on events like Luminary’s Umoja Celebration Series. 

TLDR on Umoja Celebration:

  • Watch the archived panel discussions and all interviews on Luminary’s Instagram page and YouTube channel

  • Support all artists featured by streaming their music through the Umoja Celebration Spotify Playlist.

  • Interviews and performances aired from February 1 to 29, 2021

Thank you to sponsors
Rising Youth and Taking it Global for their support of Luminary’s Umoja Celebration Series.

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  1. Markus Jackman

    Important discussions for us as the next wave of Black Toronto Artists and Movement Makers!

  2. Markus Jackman

    Important discussions for us as the next wave of Black Toronto Artists and Movement Makers!

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