“Build a Ship” feels like a heartbroken(ish) journal entry.

Hailing from a farm in Canada, UK-based Elena releases a video that screams luv sucks.

Pop vocalist Elena sets the scene of a failed romance; being rejected and wishing someone felt deeper feelings for you. “Build a Ship” opens with Elena’s sweet and soft vocals harmonizing over tender guitar plucking, and eventually building up to a spacious, vibey chorus.

Elena’s songwriting is honest, poetic, and slightly cheeky. It feels like a look into her morning journal entry: “But I need to tell me / Just in case that I forgot / I’m too damn special / And he don’t deserve my heart / It’s true.” Is Elena revealing those hard truths that become even harder to face when you realize you’ve outgrown a love that once felt right? Is she experiencing an invisible love?

As the song progresses, the story becomes clearer: it’s the morning after a one-night stand and Elena wakes up realizing the guy isn’t that into her and after multiple attempts of trying to interest him, decides she’ll be the one to love herself. Easier to sail away, Elena expresses feeling lost in lust. “Build a Ship” captures both fleeting heartbreak and eternal hope as Elena shares her search for true connection, a widely relatable sentiment.

In the bridge, Elena brings it all together, emphasizing the love she’s got for herself. Fuck it if this guy’s not into her! “I’m gonna build me a ship / Find my place / Get so strong I’ll never break / And I’ll be the one who loves me,” she sings.

“Build a Ship” is the first single off of Elena’s upcoming pop album, Holy Tender Artist, and is a follow up to her 2020 acoustic album West— a collection of intimate recordings meant to emulate the feelings of small live shows.


Written and performed by Elena
Video Director, DOP and Editor: Eliza Cassidy

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Review by Jessica Johanna D’Angelo (Joey)
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