Fredericks Reginald releases “OP.2,” the bonus track to his powerful EP, The Fringes.

Prophetic Toronto hip-hop artist Fredericks Reginald is following in the footsteps of thought-provoking and anti-establishment artists Noname, Tyler, The Creator, and D Smoke with his newest body of work.

The Fringes - shot by @omarij88-4.JPG

Moving with intention and precision, Fredericks Reginald has been bubbling just below the surface of Toronto’s music scene since 2018. This year marks Fredericks’ step out of the shadows. His project, The Fringes, a blues-inspired hip-hop EP and prophetic short film, provides an honest social commentary on the Western world from the perspective of a self-aware Black man.

The 3-song EP was released alongside a 9-minute self-directed short film, and this month Fredericks releases “OP.2,” the bonus track originally only heard within the film.

The Fringes contains emotional strings, nuances of blues, ‘70s psychedelic funk-rock percussion, and omniscient sounds that illustrate an eerily-accurate preminician and a powerful personal narrative. The EP gains your trust by exploring vulnerable topics like suicide and the plight shared amongst minorities, while “OP.2” pulls it all apart like an angry, outspoken little brother, a nod to Fredericks’ earlier prodigious releases “North” and “Necrophilia,” leaving a potent, dark, and otherworldly impression.

“My purpose is to evoke thought and to challenge people to think outside of the framework imposed on us by the Establishment. “OP.2” rounds out the project by fully capturing the nuances of being a Black man in this moment in time.”
– Fredericks Reginald

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All artwork by TONE, all photos by Omar 

The Fringes 
Written and performed by Fredericks Reginald
Produced, mixed and mastered by Patrick Perez

“OP.2” (bonus track)
Written and performed by Fredericks Reginald
Produced by Zed Grizzly
Mixed and mastered by Sean Gray

Review by Jessica D’Angelo
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Jessica D'Angelo

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