Gimmemar breaks back onto the scene with her transcendent single, “Solo Eyes.”

Gimmemar delivers a neo-pop hit that’s empowering and oh-so-danceable.

Photo by Mariah Hamilton

Toronto-based Gimmemar’s latest single “Solo Eyes” pairs introspective songwriting with pop influenced neo soul production to deliver an empowering and transcendent experience.

With influences ranging from the likes of Erykah Badu to Destiny’s Child, Gimmemar looks to prove why she belongs on your daily motivational playlist. From soulful vocals to the infectious hook, “Solo Eyes” escorts listeners through a beautifully crafted melodious journey with songwriting that empowers listeners to be their authentic selves, embrace growth, and focus on living life to the fullest.

The journey begins with pulsing synths and a light keyboard which establishes a peaceful yet otherworldly atmosphere. As the lead guitar melody expands, Gimmemar’s angelic vocals seamlessly usher the true beginning of an incredible solo-venture.

The pop-forward production perfectly accompanies Gimmemar’s soulful vocal performance with electrifying synths, driving basslines, and layered guitars, adding a depth of musical complexity.We STAN for Gimmemar’s fusion of pop and neo soul.

Gimmemar’s lyrics celebrate self-acceptance and embracing your own uniqueness. She declares “I feel brand new/I’m the one” highlighting her personal rebirth and the embracing of her uniqueness. As the track progresses, she builds on celebrating her new self. The song showcases a new and focused Gimmemar that is confident with her authentic being,ready to move forward in this newly-embraced emotional blanket of self-love: “Ain’t no rush because I’m on my wave/ Ain’t no traffic in my own lane.”

Photo by Mariah Hamilton

Singer / songwriter Gimmemar releases “Solo Eyes” as a follow up to her 2020 single “The Balcony” and is an artist whose future content you should not miss! Support “Solo Eyes” on all streaming services and digital stores today.

Performed by Gimmemar
Written by Gimmemar and Ally Sou
Produced by Keegan Grebanier


Written by Destinie Ly
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Destinie Ly
"Making music has really helped me get through a lot of tough times growing up and even presently. It’s an escape and often a place where I can truly be myself and fully express my emotions."

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