Kadiri breaks onto to scene with his emotionally vulnerable single, “Introductions.”

The mysterious Toronto chanteur drops the most romantic single of the season.


Kadiri’s haunting vocals on his latest single “Introductions” is a journey into his world of emotional vulnerability. The song plays out like a romantic tryst on a cold winter night next to a fireplace as two young lovers explore their chemistry and shared love of music.

With such raw talent, Kadiri won’t stay in the shadows of the Toronto music scene for much longer. His whole vibe and voice plays homage to the patented dark-moody sound that has defined Toronto since the days of The Weeknd’s “House of Balloons.”

Kadiri stands out as 2021 rookie for the most polished act to debut this year so far. The project has outstanding beat production and engineering, which allows Kadiri’s voice to control the narrative of the song and showcase his singing ability.

Kadiri’s songwriting is also significant — when the chorus of the song builds up, Kadiri slyly delivers “Introduce you to Marvin / Introduce me to Lauryn / Introduce you to Ocean / Introduce me to your lovin,” as a homage to R&B greats like Marvin Gay, Lauryn Hill and Frank Ocean, harnessing the romantic spirit of their songs on his own track.

Kadiri is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by mainstream audiences. With only two singles out, the hype is about to get real as his fans eagerly anticipate his next release.

Written by Cat Lewis, Eric Ruscinski and KADIRI
Produced by Cat Lewis, Eric Ruscinski (@ericruscinski), Alex Ernewein (@ace_g__)
Mixing by Josh Bowman (@joshgbowman)
Mastering by Kevin Peterson (@kevinpetersonmastering)
Visuals/Creative Direction: Daniel Goodman (@bydanielgoodman) and KADIRI
Special thanks to @factorcanada

Review by Sami Huda
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Mia Salaveria

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