Montreal’s Bad Skin releases “Clowns For President,” a divinely aggressive grunge-pop anthem.

The 4-piece punk band swing their heavy truth like axes cutting through metal.

Photo by Black Gold Mtl.

Bad Skin gives the middle finger to governmental leaders with their single “Clowns For President” off their sophomore EP Live Fast Die Punk. Refusing to be censored or controlled, Bad Skin sends the message that Gen Zs are awake and paying attention to the global society around them.

For Bad Skin, the idea behind the track came from real-life anecdotes shared by friends who felt forced into situations, incapable of saying no. “Clowns For President” screams with freedom of choice amidst a world of chaos, the lyrics like an anthem in protest: “I say no cause I can / I won’t trust no government.” 

“We wanted to share with our fans that it’s okay to say ‘no’, even when it’s not easy,” says Bad Skin. 

Bad Skin is made up of four girls not afraid to kick ass with passion, dedication, and one strong mission: to speak for the voiceless. Signed to Dance Plant Records, the band raise awareness on daily injustices through each of their songs. 

Singer Dope takes stage with her commanding vocals, giving a real nod to Pussy Riot, Peaches, and Dolores O’Riordan. The lead guitar, deep bassline, and rapid tempo come together in true punk fashion. The visuals for the track are dark, gritty, and in your face, perfectly matching what we all know and love of the punk genre. “We went completely in another direction from our past videos,” the band explains. “It’s darker and more serious but still with our Bad Skin touch.” The video has fast cuts and polarizing images that illuminate issues and opinions raised during the pandemic. 

Photo by Black Gold Mtl.

2022 is stacked with releases from Bad Skin as well a tour across the UK in July.

Music video credits:
Video Direction/Production: Nicholas Marakas/Tamara Galdames Morales
Video Editing and Color: Nicholas Marakas
Executive Producers: Cussy Nicodemo, Sossie Khatcherian

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Written by Johanna Leigh D’Angelo
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