Oleyada’s dreamy pop track, SO DONE! is the start of a new personal era.

Making music from her bedroom in Toronto, indie pop singer-songwriter Oleyada releases a handful of demos in preparation for her debut EP.


Written during quarantine with her producer and partner Mathew Fantini, Oleyada wanted to capture the feeling of leaving your world behind in favour of a more anonymous existence. “As a shy and anxious person, it can be difficult pursuing music which requires putting so much of myself out in the open,” she shares. “I frequently limit myself [out of] fear of judgement from other people, so I wrote this song as a declaration to myself that I would stop worrying so much about other people.”

Oleyada typically covers up darker lyrical themes with sweet and upbeat sounds, and Oleyada does a great job at transporting us right to the inky and restless inner workings of her mind with this track. As you listen to the SO DONE! you imagine what it feels like to be trapped in a weird, stagnant, and unfulfilling moment. 

Released solely on SoundCloud, Audiomack, and Bandcamp, SO DONE! is the first of a handful of demos that Oleyada plans to release this year. Oleyada shared that she has “a collection of unreleased gems waiting for funds and the opportunity to be properly mixed and mastered so they can go out into the world as perfect as possible.” But eager to share her art, Oleyada’s demos are a look into who she is and a taste of what’s to come from her next body of work.

“While I still plan on releasing an EP in the near future, I [wanted] my audience to get to know me.”

Oleyada is Uruguayan-Canadian, and SO DONE! is the singer’s first bilingual (Spanish/English) track.

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