Serious Betty celebrates International Women’s Day 2021.

Our tribute to the team of women who’ve made SB exactly what it is today.

Three years ago when I entered the music and entertainment industry as an event producer and creative, it felt difficult to be seen or heard amongst a sea of men running the industry. I sought out women who were leading teams and making cool shit happen, and I knew that was the energy I wanted to maintain. As I’ve come into my own as an entrepreneur and business owner, I’ve decided that I want to run my brand the way a woman would – with care, with nurturing compassion, with heart, and above all, by allowing more women to be leaders in business. 

I had no idea when I started Serious Betty in 2018 that I’d have a team of over 90% women making SB the brand what it is today! I’m so proud to be a woman-identifying entrepreneur, and to be uplifting and employing other women along the way.  

This International Women’s Day, I want to celebrate the current Serious Betty team. We’ve grown so much in the last year, and our brand wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of the following people. 

Johanna Quispe is a rockstar. She joined the team as our Calendar Manager, and has since developed a pivotal role as one of our core team members. She’s helped Serious Betty make decisions about our website’s user experience, our social media strategy, and is to thank for bringing some integral people into the fold (like designer Micah Domingo and our partnership with BIPOC Fest). Johanna led our team to success during many events, and in December 2020, she took a leadership role as Digital Marketing Manager for BIPOC Fest. I love Johanna’s passion for music and entertainment, and am constantly impressed by her drive to churn out amazing ideas and solid work.

Riham Hagona, aka Lovebonez, also joined the team as our Calendar Manager, and quickly made a name for herself as Serious Betty’s resident DJ. Lovebonez and I shared many days on ISO Radio for Serious Betty’s show, and as a core member of the team, Lovebonez has helped produce and program many events. Lovebonez has such a fire for music, and her experience travelling and DJing in Africa, the UK, and across North America makes her an encyclopedia for international DJ culture. She’s also a budding UX Designer! I was honoured when she asked me to help her and Fresh Moses with their initiative Pull Up! (dedicated to connecting and celebrating emerging Black artists in nightlife)

Siobhan Murphy is SB’s Hamilton connect. When we put out our call for contributors in July 2020, our team knew we needed to add someone with a passion for social issues and politics, and Siobhan is just that! She explores the intersection of her two biggest passions: music and politics. Siobhan also has her own platform, Frissonic Shivers, which she launched in 2020 to engage and connect with artists who are serious about their business. Siobhan is an exciting addition for us because of her unique view on the music industry, and we are eager for her upcoming series spotlighting Hamilton to be released on SB in the coming months.

Allisa Lim is one of our contributing members, and the Events Director Assistant for Sheridan’s Student Union (plus more!). Allisa applied to SB in July 2020 and we knew we had to have her on our team when she included in her application a full article pitch! It was from this pitch that Allisa has developed her series Seriously Influential. Not only is Allisa a passionate member of our team, she’s also a bright light for me – she’s helped me with project management and process flows, as well as instigating our team synchs! Allisa is always thinking of new ways to give back and contribute to the music and fashion industries.

Fiona Ham is a multilingual communication expert working in the music industry (check out her initiative Haus of Ham), and she’s been our connect to the scene in Montreal. She is a fiery and organized contributor, someone who I can say gives me drive to perfect our own processes and procedures at SB. She’s written some amazing content for our blog, and I’m excited for her to spotlight more of Montreal’s talent through Serious Betty.

Shababa Huda aka Shabz joined our team the summer of 2020 to help populate the event calendar, and at the beginning of 2021 took on a new role as community manager, and research development for our upcoming merch line. Shabz is an enthusiastic and talented young visual artist and creator who’s keeping us locked into everything cool coming out of Ottawa, and I’m so grateful for her dedication to the team.

Bianca Jada is someone I’ve known peripherally for a bit, and we became more acquainted when I consulted Bianca on building a website and launching her own blog. When Bianca applied to be part of Serious Betty’s team, I was thrilled. Not only is Bianca a strong writer because she’s studying Journalism at Ryerson, but she’s also the kind of contributor we value on our team. Bianca has passion for understanding people, and a skill for asking deep and curious questions. It was a natural fit for her to host Serious Talks, an interview series that goes beyond the music with Canadian artists. I’m excited for Bianca’s own brand to take shape!

Ketsia Luntadila is one of our contributing members, and a fantastic content producer! She developed (and hosted) our first Serious Talks episode alongside Bianca Jada, assists me in graphic design, and is to thank for the branding around Serious Talks. Ketsia is passionate about new ideas, and no matter how busy her own life gets, she’s always one to show up for SB!

Micah Domingo is a multi-disciplinary creative specializing in music related motion graphic design and a graduate of the Remix Project. When I wanted to elevate Serious Betty’s brand, I knew I wanted to work with Micah. Micah is to thank for the current Serious Betty logo design(s) and is in the process of developing new graphics for our upcoming website and merch line. Micah is an outside-the-box thinker, and someone who I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with to bring my creative ideas to life.

Mia Salaveria is the newest addition to the Serious Betty team, but someone who I’ve been WAITING for! I’ve dreamt of what Serious Betty’s website would look like for almost two years, and to find out that Mia was not only a DJ, but also a website developer made my heart croon. It’s been so cool to jam out to Mia’s mixes, and to also collaborate with her on our new website.

I want to give an honourable mention to Sami Huda – without him our team wouldn’t have introductions to some of our newest team members. He’s been riding for SB since 2019, and works alongside me as a core team member to platform Canadian talent and give space for the women on our team!

Meet the full team here.
Happy International Women’s Day <3


Written by Jessica Johanna D’Angelo (Joey)
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Johanna Leigh D'Angelo
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