Seriously Influential: artist, activist, and educator Keosha Love.

How Keosha Love uses her platform and voice to support women and her Black community.


Becoming an artist or creative entrepreneur can often mean taking on a platform of visibility and a voice that has the power to make intentional ripples. Seriously Influential is a series that reveals how artists and creatives across Canada use their platform as a stage to address social issues and support their communities.

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— Allisa Lim, Writer


Empowerment is a term that is often used in unique forms, especially within communities on the fringes fighting to gain power and equality. In specific, ‘women empowerment’ has become an important social focus, and in short, is the process of elevating the status of women worldwide to gain societal equality, and is an ongoing process; one that requires strong leadership and even stronger voices.

I chatted with Keosha Love, the founder of Our Women’s Voices, an organization that amplifies marginalized folks and creates social change with and for women using community, arts, and education; and Black and Vulnerable Podcast, and space for healing, unlearning, being Black, being vulnerable, and being free.

Keosha has found herself positioned at the forefront of the women empowerment movement, using her platforms to ignite and influence meaningful change and monumental support for women, specifically supporting Black women.

Keosha Love is a multi-disciplinary artist – a spoken word poet, educator, and activist all while empowering BIPOC communities and women through art and wellness. She uses social media and voice (literally! She has spoken at protests and hosted events) to raise awareness on social issues around race and gender, and as an opportunity to bring the community together.


Allisa: Tell me about “Our Women’s Voices” and what ‘women empowerment’ means to you as the founder of a women-focused organization.

Keosha: In 2016, I founded “Our Women’s Voices,” a non-for-profit dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalized folks and making social change for women. OWV creates spaces for women to thrive, heal and redefine their stories and future.

Women empowerment to me is celebrating women, our diversity and intersectionality. Empowering women looks like making space for us to thrive and be unapologetic with who we are and who we want to be. Women empowerment is also tapping into our power and not being afraid to use it.

A: How have you used your platform to raise awareness around certain social issues?

K: As a writer, educator and activist, I love using my platforms to start conversations and share collective knowledge. Online is such a great tool for me to unlearn and learn with others. I like to use my writing to inform and challenge others but also to bring people together and promote healing in BIPOC communities. 

Writing for me is super vulnerable and raw; it gives me the opportunity to be honest about what I’m experiencing and what the world is experiencing. I get to document my evolution as our systems evolve and it’s cathartic in that way. Using both art and wellness as tools to create healthier communities and promote social change has always been something I’m passionate about.

A: Tell me about one of your missions within your activism?

K: Ultimately, I want to see women who have lived within the margins win. Everything I do is for them, for us. I want women who look like me to know it is okay to be loud, to take up space and take care of themselves first. I want to redefine health and wellness for black communities. So many of our stories go unheard and my mission is to amplify our voices, through my art and through my words.

img-1835 (1).jpg

Having a platform and being a “genuine influencer” can mean different things to different people. I learned that for Keosha, her platform is used to amplifies others’ voices, to build and strengthen community, and as a valuable tool for teaching and challenging others. 

It is absolutely incredible the way Keosha uses words in such a poetic and rhythmic way. As I transcribed our interview, I found myself scrolling through Kesoha’s Instagram page and reading and reflecting on all of her written posts. As a woman, I undoubtedly feel the empowerment in her words. Her mission to encourage women to “take up space and take care of themselves first” rippled within my heart.

Many women are taught to be reserved and hold back or you’ll come off as “too strong” or “bitchy” but through Our Women’s Voices, this notion is rapidly diminishing. I give my gratitude to Keosha for being an inspiring advocate, and amplifying women’s rights, beauty, and dynamism all around.

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Written by Allisa Lim
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