“Target” is reminiscent of R&B heartache ballads and a tribute to unreciprocated love.

RSY battles an internal tug of war love struggle: to hold on or to let go?

Photo by saemouhl

Toronto-born RSY ignites the scene with her single “Target,” a classic R&B love narrative encompassed by soulful rhythms and elegant lyricism. RSY uses the single to outline her expectations of a man and address what she’s been missing in her relationship, as her lover always seems to miss the target. 

Hidden beneath soft and sultry vocals lies inner turmoil. RSY recognizes her self-worth and acknowledges that she deserves more than the love she’s been accepting. Yet, she faces an inner conflict between understanding that this love no longer serves her and remaining faithful because of comfortability. The poet turned singer-songwriter paints a vivid picture of a woman who knows she deserves better but settles for less because she’s blinded by love.

The track starts off slow with sweet, rich keys followed by R&B 808s and harmonies. The flow intensifies with the vocals and we are instantly transported through hypnotic and soothing note sequences. “Target” displays a calm and collected essence while describing an ongoing tug of war between choosing to stay and learning to let go. 

RSY shows listeners her authentic and vulnerable side as she unpacks the heavy baggage weighing down her relationship. “Target” is a juxtaposition between feeling rage and resentment and experiencing love and compassion, ultimately not knowing when it’s time to walk away.

“Target” follows RSY’s 2021 single “Doubt,” establishing RSY as a passionate artist who’s ready to take over the world of R&B. Support “Target,” on all streaming platforms and stay tuned for RSY’s future projects!

Produced by: James Isibor
Written by RSY and @forkalvin
Cover Art @saemouhl
Styled by: @lil.sweeets3

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Written by Bianca Jada
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Bianca Jada
"At family gatherings, my mom’s side would play traditional Italian music and my father’s side would play reggae/dancehall, but both of my parents loved R&B, so that’s what feels like home to me."

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