Terrell Morris delivers a virtual performance that plays like an intimate music movie.

As part of the TD Music Connected Series, artists perform in non-traditional venues across Canada.

We recently caught Terrell Morris live in Toronto, and when we came across his virtual performance for the 2021/2022 TD Music Connected Series, we were beyond thrilled. To witness Terrell Morris live is a treat; he is full of genuine passion for the music and energy for the crowd, and this fully translates to a virtual performance too.

From October 2021 through to February 2022, TD Music rolled out virtual performances by over 65 established and emerging artists from across Canada. The series is curated by Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI)—a national not-for-profit organization specializing in professional development, mentorship, and live events for artists, managers, and music companies.

Each performance was captured in unique and often non-traditional venues, including the Chinese Canadian Museum (Vancouver, BC), Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement (Smoky Lake, AB), Frédéric-Back Park (Montreal, QC), New Kennedy Square (Markham, ON), CoHo (Toronto, ON), Cafe Gotsoul (Montreal, QC), and many more.

Terrell Morris chose to perform in Cold Tea Bar, a staple in Toronto’s west end nightlife scene. We see the space highlighted in all its glory, showcasing the unique corners of the bar and their unique tree-house style DJ booth overlooking the crowd. Terrell shares his personal connection to Cold Tea Bar, the owners, and the personal memories that Terrell has created in the space.

Terrell’s performance includes beautiful slow pans, close ups on Terrell and his accompanied instrumentalists, and intimate lighting. The performance transitions from song to song like a narrative, musical intermissions and the sound of audience chattering between each track. This isn’t just any virtual performance: this is a music movie! He even includes unreleased tracks, which feels super special to witness. Terrell’s vocals are like butter dripping from our speakers. We absolutely loved it!

The TD Music Connected Series returns for its second year, showcasing East Asian, South Asian, Black, Indigenous Community, and Francophone artists. This year, the series turns the spotlight on East and South Asian artists, comprising over 50% of the total lineup and content creators/crew.

With the support of TD Music, CMI has produced over 150 virtual performances nationally, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, attracting over 3.25 million audience views, and paying artists and content creators over $500,000—an initiative TD Music and CMI are committed to fostering long term.

These performances are certainly worth a watch! They are each so inspiring from the performances, to the songwriting and music composition, and the video production. View all performances on Canada Music Incubator’s Instagram and the TD Music Connected Series YouTube Channel.

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Written by Johanna Leigh D’Angelo
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