The Northern Power Summit Conference dedicates its 2nd event to highlighting Black music leaders working across Canada and abroad.

NPS’ annual music conference returns for the fifth year, this time in a virtual 3-part series addressing the effects of today’s changing social and political environment. 

Everything happening in our current global climate, from the pandemic to the global protests against racial inequality, has forced nearly every industry to adapt and adjust. Many music professionals and organizations have developed events to address ways to cope, and continue to progress and prosper even after these unprecedented times.

One such event is the Northern Power Summit Conference, which is commonly held in-person with performances, networking, and panels. The annual Northern Power Summit Conference (NPS) equips artists, producers, and music industry professionals with keys to growing your career, business, and brand, and this year, NPS continues to deliver its mission while addressing our current global challenges.

“Traditionally, our focus has been on how artists can develop their career internationally – and that is still a focus, but we want to offer support and guidance to artists that are dealing with the effects of the pandemic,” says NPS Co-founder D.O. Gibson about the 2021 Northern Power Summit.

The series began on January 23, 2021 with Re.sound.ED, which brought out 2000 registrants and focused on mental health and the independent hustle in the music industry. Part two (coming up on February 20) rides off the success of Re.sound.ED, and highlights Black excellence in Canada and abroad. “This has been a challenging year,” says NPS Co-founder D.O. Gibson. “From Black Lives Matter to the impact of the deaths of [too many innocent lives,] there is a need for this information. It was inspiring to see so many people stand up for equality over the summer. We want to be able to deliver more tools so that we can seize this moment in history.”

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Staying true to NPS’ previous in-person editions, the second event in the series, titled Black 365, will provide education and impactful discussions, in addition to access to individuals who can help Canadian artists and industry professionals develop their careers. There will be keynote addresses from legendary Canadian hip-hop pioneer Maestro Fresh Wes (regarded as the Godfather of Canadian Hip-Hop and one of the only hip-hop artists to have consistently released music in each of the last five decades), and founder of the New Skool Rules Conference and Festival in the Netherlands, Henca Maduro (the force behind New Skool Rules, Europe’s leading hip-hop conference that has featured dozens of Canadian acts over the years).

Meanwhile, NPS’s Black 365 is full of panel discussions to pique everyone’s interest:

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Womxn and non-binary rappers will benefit from the panel discussion titled “Navigating the cis-het male waters of hip-hop” with Toronto rapper DijahSB and Vancouver emcee and educator Ndidi Cascade.

For those interested in taking a look at race relations in the US and the role of the independent Black-American artist through it all, tune in to the panel featuring Grammy winner Wanz, ethemadassassin, and theTAYkeover, and moderated by Chedo, host of the Come Up Show.

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If a discussion of Canada’s Black history is more your thing, check out the panel moderated by Michael Williams featuring talks by D.O. Gibson, JUNO award-winning singer Dru, platinum-selling producer Jarel the Young, and Vancouver rapper Terell Safadi. Gain insight on where these Black-Canadian artists see themselves in the fabric of the country.

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And stay on the on the lookout for an interview with one of Canada’s finest artists, alternative hip hop recording artist and broadcaster, Shad, who’s released six studio albums since 2005. Four of his albums have been shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize and he won a 2011 Juno Award recipient of Rap Recording of the Year, so you just know his words carry weight!

Following the interviews and panel discussions, get ready to virtually mingle with like-minded folks while Toronto DJ, recording artist, producer and the 2019 official DJ for the Raptors, 4Korners, as he spins a high-energy set.

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Black 365 will run from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm EST on February 20, 2021 and a portion of all registration revenue will be donated to Black Youth Helpline.

The third and final instalment of the NPS virtual conference will take place on March 20th. Further information and ticket details are available at

There are limited free or by donation tickets available until February 13! Click here to attend Black 365 presented by Believe Music Canada and powered by Northeren Power Summit.

Pre-event review written by Riham Hagona, aka Lovebonez
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