Toronto rapper and producer Kinkade teams up with Paris-based Ridah Kadabra to deliver a nostalgic coming-of-age record.

“Timing” is an ode to the strong female role models in our lives.


A self-described motivational song, Kinkade and emerging Parisian-rapper Ridah Karabra deliver a 90’s inspired track over smooth bass lines and snazzy drums that are reminiscent of a time when The Fresh Prince was still a musical act.

Kinkade delivers his lyrics like an inspirational letter to his past self. The track addresses the emotional frustrations of young adulthood and increasing responsibilities of life while taking into account the influence of strong female role models that guide us.

The collaboration with Swiss-born, Paris-raised Ridah Kadabra on this song is the perfect case-study for the global influence of urban culture and hip-hop. Ridah Kadrabra delivers his verse with a reggae flow, on a jazz fuelled beat, all the while sharing the narrative of his own experiences. His flow and style blends in masterfully with Kinkade’s theme for the song, continuing on the topic of having strong female role models in life.

As a ‘96 baby, most of Kinkade Davis’ musical influence comes from the mid-90s era, when House music was quite prevalent, and Hip-Hop was extremely raw. The video, shot by Crumb Pictures, does the job of visually transcribing Kinkade’s lyrics and story telling while pulling from this influence. Full of 90s nostalgic references, like Kinkade wearing an oversized basketball jersey and baggy pants while playing classic video games, to Ridah Kadabra donning a full Adidas tracksuit with the accompanying boom box on his shoulder, the video for “Timing” is a welcome trip down memory lane.

“Timing” is a precursor to his upcoming EP Risk It for the Biscuit.

Written by Kinkade Davis and Ridah Kidabra
Produced by Kinkade Davis
Video by Crumb Pictures

Review by Sami Huda
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Mia Salaveria

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