Vancouver-based Michelle Creber delivers a timeless summer love song dedicated to her hometown.

“My City” is a funky pop track that takes you on a global journey.

Michelle Creber creates a collage of retro funk-influenced jazz sounds with modern pop elements to deliver feelings of honesty, relatability and comfort when singing about her beloved hometown. Her smooth and euphonious vocals, and crisp guitar riffs create an atmosphere of adventure as she sets out on a bright summer night. With her last album, “Storm”, hitting the Top 100 Canadian and US Billboard Charts, Michelle has graced stages across Canada with her dynamic and electrifying performances and invigorating stage presence – defying her young age with her seasoned experiences. Her listeners would describe her music as relatable, raw candour, and inspiring, as Michelle seeks to make a positive impact on the world through her music.

The imagery of her lyrics “New York is all electric vibes / Paris drippin’ with style / Berlin is nice, been to Monaco twice / and Shanghai five times,” opens a window into Michelle’s explorative journey and draws you into that very personal moment of discovery, as if you’re right there with her.

The sustaining 4-chord progression in the instrumentation is reminiscent of an 80’s starry electric piano, and acts as a supporting melody for her pop vocals that fall between the spaces of the upbeat percussion. The song’s verse and chorus present a contrast to that old school call-and-response style – the verses are slower and more casual with the sustaining of words and a more relaxed guitar, and the chorus has a pick-me-up response with a quickened guitar strum and more powerful vocals.

Listen to Michelle’s new summer hit, “My City” on Apple Music and Spotify, and show support by purchasing it on Bandcamp!

Performed by Michelle Creber
Written by Benjamin Millman and Michelle Creber

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Review by Destinie Ly
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Destinie Ly
"Making music has really helped me get through a lot of tough times growing up and even presently. It’s an escape and often a place where I can truly be myself and fully express my emotions."

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